Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bad behavior

bad bad holiday behavior. 
bad blogging. 
bad communicating. 
bad worker goes to work in one outfit and leaves
in another. 
cute color blocked knit top though, right?
 the holiday has brought the realization of 
the brilliant egon von furstenburg sweater we 
have all been waiting for, though.
note the real deal on the right and the new colorway 
on the left. bright poppy and new wood buttons!
yay for Paige
 and of course there was holiday crafting!
psychedelic santa anyone?
 homemade salt and flour ornaments. 
bummed I cut off Ava's 'sleeping bag with pillow'
creation at the top left. 
 happy holidays from Christmas Yoda. 
New year's resolution to be a super good 
blogger, among other things to be 
discussed later. 


  1. merry late christmas!!!
    ive been a bad blogger this week too... blogging takes time and stuff. we all understand. plus now that u are a supermodel... you don't have time for us little people. :P
    hope you had good holidays!

  2. Your blogging might be behind, but you are way ahead on the resolutions. So there's that. Love block top and the sweater. And the Yoda, well. I will save my comment. (Nerd!) Love ya.


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