Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am feeling psychotic about the color navy. 
Oddly enough, I am also assembling a color story for 
next spring right at this moment. 
Kind of like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. 
Well, sorry ladies. Looks like sailor dresses and matching 
sailor hats for you next spring. 
Anyway, I have been shopping on Allen Company again. 
 My new navy boots. 
another Ruth Saltz handbag.. love those little lion heads. 
I think I will like a nice navy swimsuit next year? no? thoughts?
Off to a tradeshow tomorrow. I will take some pics and share. 


  1. oh the boots and bag are amazing! Navy is so classic, bring on the sailor moon dresses! oh and navy fanny pack? yes!

  2. Love navy. I'd dig a swimsuit.


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