Thursday, January 27, 2011

from my desk

yawn. But! Today was a good day. 
Great swimwear samples. 
Very very cute fleece photo sample for Holiday 11.
Body with volume and back buttons!
Not to brag about how important I am - 
but, we have a new intern. 

she's shocked about how off calendar I am. 


  1. She looks like she's taking the job very seriously.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i was an intern @ that company

  3. your chair is still open for you.

  4. hahahahaha HILARIOUS with ava. ahh miss you guys! i have been super busy. but yay my blog is finally back! unfortunately no longer your birthday post but that is probably for the best haha. send me some more split girl things! i loveeee my shirt and weear it all the time. i need more.

  5. oh my ... those interns keep getting younger & younger don't they!
    hello! I will email you back the good stuff you requested ... sometime soon. LAGGIN' hare core!
    love the new stuff ... can't wait to wear it!

  6. I remember how obsessed you were with that fleece piece. Glad to see it went into development SOMEWHERE!!


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