Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pretty stuff

i know. i come and i go as i please. you still like me, right?
work is dominating. but, at least there is pretty stuff to 
look at? 
holiday is coming in and it is looking gooood. 
I am totally obsessed with the emil jacket. 
 and this swim print for spring 12!!
 amazing silks for your enjoyment for Spring 12, 
 giant tents,
 and yummy sleeves.
love to everyone!!
may we share internet quality time together real soon!


  1. so i dont have a blog, just a blog stalker. but you should hire me as i am moving to california in a few weeks, and i would love to drool over all this! or intern? ha. amazing stuff though! the swim print is beautiful.

  2. You work so much! But from the looks of it - it is worth it as you make such preeettty stuff that I can't wait to buy. You said February!

  3. i will take any interns, anytime!!!!! five exclamation points!
    ame - swimwear in feb!


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