Friday, January 14, 2011

touch my fanny

or not. fannies fannies fannies. 
thai fanny. 
 via. amazing outfit, btw. amazing. 
tie dye fanny. different than thai fanny. 
um, kangaroo stuffed animal fanny. 
what is so sick about this one is how badly I want it. 
 And!! (mini drumroll)... the Split Girl Fall 11 fanny. 
There are a few things going on in this picture. 
1.) the fanny. its two available prints. 
this here fanny is on its way to Emily!!
2.) the vintage backpack that is also fantastic. 
3.) an attempt to make all jealous of my last supper 
framed by plastic portrait that I keep by my desk. 
 I am not a religious woman, but please please 
oh Jesus please let Emily do some form of  
tacky 'thirty days of my Fanny' blog entries. 

And, of course, an Ava update. 
Girl loves her vintage fashions. 
for your viewing pleasure, 
three shots of pure excitement. 
Another incredible piece that made it 
out of the attic after 30 years. 
ps, are you reading the Split Girl blog?


  1. Ha! AVA is my idol. I need to pose like that (ideally in fluorescent clothing) for the blog.
    I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY FANNY. P.S. You emailed me saying "i am desperate for your fanny [...]"
    Does your husband know this???

  2. so so cute!!! you are a fashion guru with Ava as guru in training! I miss you so very much! Split blog looks amazing! Are you in need of an amazing product developer?!?!?


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