Monday, September 27, 2010

dusting the cobwebs off!

Although we still have the website from, I don't know, the year 2000 - 
just speculating - we finally have the old give away plug in working 
go HERE to win a super excellent SODA by Amy necklace!!
all images from  Split Girl swim shoot featuring the 
necklaces from SODA by Amy
New website coming soon(ish)!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the haps

took a few shots of the  Olde Good Things shop in LA. 
This shop will be in my professional and 
personal future. Mark my words!
and the kitties, you may ask? They are not as 'blue' as 
anticipated. But, they are really fluffy and cute!
The brown girl has already been reserved and named Delilah. 
Does 6 cats make me a cat lady. Oh yes. 
and Pearl, the mom. 
Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

what's going on...

la la la la I am a terrible blogger. You MAY question my commitment!
ha. But, it's all in good fun. I will still part time throw some 
loveliness your way!
SO! I FINALLY got my favorite piece of swim in. 
Note to self : don't ever say anything is your favorite because it will 
of course be the ONLY piece in the line that arrives with the 
print at 250% size and has to be redone! tears!
Anyway... There is a killer group based on this gorgeous flea
market beauty. Um, looking kind of phallic at the moment. 
Tell me you don't see it. Liar!
I had already received these cute bottoms, so naturally
I was excited. 
Note to **customers/you - this is the Sri Lanka Morgan bottom. 
Anyways, I finally got my most favoritest top.....
pencil drum roll....
The color is actually THIS vibrant and that cobalt is to die for. 
Love it!
My side story of the day is thank you to Joce for putting up this 
story on her blog. Compassionate people make me incredibly happy. 
I am so proud to be her friend! 
Another side story, about me, is that I have been constantly reading
the Angels for Animals page on Facebook, hoping that I see 
somewhere that I can help. 
So! I decided that I would be a kitten foster, so that wee little kittens
would not get euthanized at the shelter and be able to be adopted. 
Originally, I was set to get 7 tabbies this weekend with their mom, 
but a kitten emergency came up and now I am getting these babies
tonight!!  5 week old little Russian Blue peanuts!
I am pretty excited and SO glad I can help. 
And, I think it is worth mentioning that there is a chance that
these cats could grow up to look like this :
baby animals are so amazing. look at this one.

Friday, September 10, 2010


boy, am I busy. 
However, I am also generally very reliable,apparently,
because many people are wondering where I am!
I haven't really had a whole lot of time to visit this ole blog
lately. I am alive and well, do not worry. 
Actually, I am about to finish up some fun Holiday11 devo, 
so perhaps I will have some fun toys to share soon. 
In the meantime, I can definitely bore you with the haps of the week. 
1.) I got lots of mail. 
I received Halloween costumes for me, Sweetie and Ava
(you will have to wait to find out)
and I got these fun photo albums all the way from Japan. 
2.)Shot some more fun swim product. 
A giant thanks to my poor husband who is in 
loverly Orlando right now selling women's 
These models are super cute, right?
Such wholesome fun. 
3.) Emily was the big winner of the Bikini Bird give away 
and she will be happily wearing this baby
very soon. 
Favorite swimsuit, Favorite print. Yes!
So super happy to spread the swimwear love!
As for written love, 
I will spread some love real soon. I promise.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pictures of Pumpkins.

wait. I change my title. This is more a photo narrative
of all of the awesome happenings at Roger's last night. 
Ava put on her festive duds for the event. 
and was looking super old in the car. 
When did this happen?
more pumpkins...
the bumpy, possibly diseased kind.
white pumpkins. 
So, this years theme was the haunted Toy Factory. 
and some creepy birds came in a giant flock 
right as we were entering...
I really have no idea what 'funn and gaems' means. 
If someone could shed some light on this for me?
But, of course I approve of any reason to use the 
creepy Charlie McCarthy. And they used him. 
he was all over the place. 
classic shot that I just happened to get. 
Weird Charlie photos. Who knows why. 
lots of maimed dollies.
I'd say the dollies really took over where the clowns
left off last year. 
More Charlies, looking corpse-like on their 
assembly line. 
This wall was cool until it started singing.
then it got a little dark.
and upsetting. 
someone's blowing up dollies!
it's Charlie again. 

good clean Halloween fun. 
and, we got our picture taken from Jamie 
for her cute new blog sixth and lamar.
I really think Jamies gravitate towards each other. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I woke up this morning, thrilled that it was September and 
immediately assumed it was 'Fall' and threw on my 
and some tassled fall heels. 
Well, duh, its not Fall until Labor Day weekend is over and boo 
if I didn't have to tell my daughter that I could not take her 
to the pumpkin patch just yet, even though she is asking to go. 
Well, look what I had pinned to my cubie!
Hooray. Today is the opening of the Halloween 
display at Roger's
And, there will be pumpkins there. 
I friggin love Halloween. 
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