Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the haps

took a few shots of the  Olde Good Things shop in LA. 
This shop will be in my professional and 
personal future. Mark my words!
and the kitties, you may ask? They are not as 'blue' as 
anticipated. But, they are really fluffy and cute!
The brown girl has already been reserved and named Delilah. 
Does 6 cats make me a cat lady. Oh yes. 
and Pearl, the mom. 
Happy Wednesday!


  1. yo! I think you are either A. Crazy cat lady or B. ridiculously generous in spirit and love to have so many felines in your home ...
    I think it is more B. than A. ... although any more kitties & the scales could be tipped.

    miss you kitten!

  2. Olde Good Things road trip next time I'm down!

  3. !!!!! omg. so that lion water fountain?! used to have the exact same one at the honolulu zoo when i was a kid!!! and i was super scared to drink water! haaa. love the kitties. my fave is the one in the back w/it's eyes closed....

  4. omg those kittens. im so jealous. that mama must have gotten around... and not with any blue daddies that's for sure! the one lying on his back with his legs out... KILLS me.
    I love that there is one brown one. he's like the ugly duckling but minus the ugly part.

  5. I really love the new kitties. How are they getting along with the rabbits?


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