Friday, September 10, 2010


boy, am I busy. 
However, I am also generally very reliable,apparently,
because many people are wondering where I am!
I haven't really had a whole lot of time to visit this ole blog
lately. I am alive and well, do not worry. 
Actually, I am about to finish up some fun Holiday11 devo, 
so perhaps I will have some fun toys to share soon. 
In the meantime, I can definitely bore you with the haps of the week. 
1.) I got lots of mail. 
I received Halloween costumes for me, Sweetie and Ava
(you will have to wait to find out)
and I got these fun photo albums all the way from Japan. 
2.)Shot some more fun swim product. 
A giant thanks to my poor husband who is in 
loverly Orlando right now selling women's 
These models are super cute, right?
Such wholesome fun. 
3.) Emily was the big winner of the Bikini Bird give away 
and she will be happily wearing this baby
very soon. 
Favorite swimsuit, Favorite print. Yes!
So super happy to spread the swimwear love!
As for written love, 
I will spread some love real soon. I promise.
Have a good weekend!


  1. (I left a comment... and then I clicked on a link before it finished loading... Dang it!)

    I CANNOT WAIT for the bikini. Even if I can only wear it while vacuuming till I go on vacation. I see your husband lost the coin toss, you should have just sent me to Orlando ;)

  2. oy vey. i'm so happy that emily won that suit!! woo hoo! i had an unexpected guest last weekend and taylor started school last week, sooooooo...i promise to get that giveaway going SOON!

  3. I'm still wondering how I can get my hands on a swimsuit. I will pay of course!

  4. so cute!!! love the bathing suits! i want i wannnt! and let me be a model toooo miss you all xx


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