Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pictures of Pumpkins.

wait. I change my title. This is more a photo narrative
of all of the awesome happenings at Roger's last night. 
Ava put on her festive duds for the event. 
and was looking super old in the car. 
When did this happen?
more pumpkins...
the bumpy, possibly diseased kind.
white pumpkins. 
So, this years theme was the haunted Toy Factory. 
and some creepy birds came in a giant flock 
right as we were entering...
I really have no idea what 'funn and gaems' means. 
If someone could shed some light on this for me?
But, of course I approve of any reason to use the 
creepy Charlie McCarthy. And they used him. 
he was all over the place. 
classic shot that I just happened to get. 
Weird Charlie photos. Who knows why. 
lots of maimed dollies.
I'd say the dollies really took over where the clowns
left off last year. 
More Charlies, looking corpse-like on their 
assembly line. 
This wall was cool until it started singing.
then it got a little dark.
and upsetting. 
someone's blowing up dollies!
it's Charlie again. 

good clean Halloween fun. 
and, we got our picture taken from Jamie 
for her cute new blog sixth and lamar.
I really think Jamies gravitate towards each other. 


  1. whew! i hadn't seen that scarf in awhile. you don't know how relieved i am to see it make it's 1st (pre) fall appearance here!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Wow, you 2 are so absolutely gorgeous, I can't get over it! Oh and the hubby too of course! haha what a good looking fam you got there!
    pumpkins? already? jeeeez I havent even decided what I'm going to dress up as!
    (I was thinking Tank Girl but maybe 3% of the population would understand...)

  3. you're famous. ha ha ha! sixth and lamar today, vice magazine tomorrow. watch out for that one. umm, rogers looks amazing this year! i want to go! the dolls are incredible. and those gray pumpkins are creepy! i might have to do something like that. i guess it's almost time for fall? it really doesn't feel like it.

  4. thank goodness for emily, or else I think i would just end it all. (:
    hopefully, i will not be appearing in vice mag anytime soon jocie and
    yessi, i do not keep my love for the scarf a secret. plus, i needed a little security blanket, as i just sent the guatemalan jacket to the factory today to be developed. tear!
    yay for halloween dress up. i have been desiring the same costume for three years, but have never been able to financially commit. maybe this is my year.

  5. Amazing set of pics. Those are so adorable! I love your enthusiasm for my birthday. I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow to get stuff to make Lucy's first costume. Very excited.

  6. awesome! Natch, I am excited for pumpkin anything. in fact, heading out to get a pumkin spiced latte at starbs. wish we were neighbs! need a pilgrimage to Rogers and Balbie when the lady gets that one house all decked out. see you then!! xoxo

  7. OMG ... when DID Ava start to get so old? I think it's time for another visit ... and soon!

    p.s. love the outfit, no wonder you got a shout out!

  8. that looks so fun!! I can't believe how big my favorite little girl is! miss you all xx


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