Thursday, September 16, 2010

what's going on...

la la la la I am a terrible blogger. You MAY question my commitment!
ha. But, it's all in good fun. I will still part time throw some 
loveliness your way!
SO! I FINALLY got my favorite piece of swim in. 
Note to self : don't ever say anything is your favorite because it will 
of course be the ONLY piece in the line that arrives with the 
print at 250% size and has to be redone! tears!
Anyway... There is a killer group based on this gorgeous flea
market beauty. Um, looking kind of phallic at the moment. 
Tell me you don't see it. Liar!
I had already received these cute bottoms, so naturally
I was excited. 
Note to **customers/you - this is the Sri Lanka Morgan bottom. 
Anyways, I finally got my most favoritest top.....
pencil drum roll....
The color is actually THIS vibrant and that cobalt is to die for. 
Love it!
My side story of the day is thank you to Joce for putting up this 
story on her blog. Compassionate people make me incredibly happy. 
I am so proud to be her friend! 
Another side story, about me, is that I have been constantly reading
the Angels for Animals page on Facebook, hoping that I see 
somewhere that I can help. 
So! I decided that I would be a kitten foster, so that wee little kittens
would not get euthanized at the shelter and be able to be adopted. 
Originally, I was set to get 7 tabbies this weekend with their mom, 
but a kitten emergency came up and now I am getting these babies
tonight!!  5 week old little Russian Blue peanuts!
I am pretty excited and SO glad I can help. 
And, I think it is worth mentioning that there is a chance that
these cats could grow up to look like this :
baby animals are so amazing. look at this one.


  1. i am totally fine with your unblogginess, as long as you do posts like this one once in a while! love that suit.. you are so talented. and LOVE those kittens. I could die. Right here and now. You are awesome to do that. And thanks for the shout out. *blush* Love you!

  2. The bathing suit top is cool. I like the blues and oranges and the asymmetry of it all. Don't you dare let Phoebe adopt one of those darling cats because I know she'll want one. You didn't have enough to do, you had to add 7 cats to the equation. My advice is stay off of that animal site or you'll end up with a pack of dogs and a gaggle of geese. lrd

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god. I want 7 kittens toooo! Except my apartment is deserted 12 hours a day... not a good combo.
    totallllllllllllly phallic.
    Those designs are killer though, you're gonna have an amazing collection missy.
    I had coffee today. I used the excuse that it was Friday... AH i am such an addict, making up excuses. Way to live on the other side of the country, how can we meet for our support group meetings?


  4. i'm DYING over those prints.

    so, if YOU'RE a bad blogger, i'm a bad blogger friend. i still haven't prepared the split giveaway. i guess i'm procrastinating because i don't want to disappoint and i want it to be perfect for you. i don't want to misrepresent! anyway, typical paige behavior. once i get to work on it, i'm sure i'll be like...that was easy. why did i wait so long?

    anyway, i miss you when you're not around!

    how do you like your dress, btw?

  5. im glad everyone loves the Paige top!
    you guys are the best! Emily, so happy to be sending you some swim!!
    more swim sharing to come ladies, i promise!!
    paige! do it already!! it so fun when people win. so heartwarming!
    laurel - don't hate on the kitties! they are such a delight! phoeb should enrich her life with one! love you too jocie!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. aw.. thanks Ash!! very soon! Ill be home at Thanksgiving and absolutely plan on **participating in the festival of lights parade. you in!!??

  8. Um- amazing bathing suit- super cute pic of Ava and those kitties are to die for!!!! Maybe we should take one? We're on the east for a bit- I miss you! When do I get to buy a bathing suit? I feel like I ask this regularly?

  9. Oh gosh, I have not been the Festival of Lights parade in about 20 years... literally. I would love to! I will email you my new phone number. :) xoxoxo


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