Wednesday, September 30, 2009

feeling dark?

Crafty tutorials are taking much longer than expected.
In the meantime lets enjoy some beautiful black fall
vintage fashions.
I have been feeling a bit dark lately. I am going
use this energy to find excitement for dark fashions.

From the always beautiful AllenCompanyInc.

Ok, its impossible to be in a bad mood knowing that this muff exists...
I think Cats really are the tackiest most wonderful creatures.

Monday, September 28, 2009

back to school!

Finding a lot of fun at the Reform School online shop.
The shop has much random goodness and a flair
for the crafty and abstract.
This Jenny Pennywood print is awesome.
It also comes in fun little cards.

K studio 'everyday people' purse

Maxine Sutton heart sachets? yes!

featured artist Christine Schmidt's honorable ordinaries..
this one has a special place in my heart; I grew up with a saggy
lopsided badminton net in my back yard.
You know.. the more I see fun crafty nonsense online, the
more I think that my own craftiness needs to be dropped on
the world. I am slowly learning that people love crazy poppycock.
So, starting tomorrow, I will subject people to my mindless craft
interests and tutorials. Consider yourself warned!

must haves

I have slowly been working myself into a frenzy
over the two sided American Apparel leggings.
I still have not had a chance to pick a pair up, but
I wanted to share their loveliness with you.
This shot is from the Zanita blog, which is a
darling blog where a beautiful model takes completely
stunning pictures of herself. Why not?
Love this blog and this legging. And, blue lips.
Cannot wait for October.

Friday, September 25, 2009

amazing dimension

In need of some sexy fall dimension for
those preppy fall outfits?
LOVE these new necklaces from jcrew.
These are darling..completely.
Although, there are some amazing vintage
guys available for adopting.
Adopting jewels is doing something good
for mankind, after all.

Last night at another super fun Ambiguous/Active paddle
show(possibly more comments to come later),
I resurrected the excessive vintage pearl wearing
that I used to do quite a lot in my early 20s.
I am now very interested in this heavy rhinestone wearing, however.
I'm going to make it happen.
Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

sweetie and sweetie

In Spring 10 runway I have found the
younger more expensive versions of sweetie
and sweetie. The tacky layering and
over accessorizing...this is exactly what
I look like in my own mind.

[from marc by marc jacobs ]

This is how I imagine sweetie
sees himself.
Cool hair, effortless awesome.
Oh to be seventeen and dripping in
designer clothing!
[man look from Shipley & Halmos]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am really missing the non reality of staying in a
super groovy suite, with nothing to do but swim in an
infinity pool and enjoy delicious food.
Pretty pictures will carry us through.
That breakfast!

Photos from our recent 'spa weekend'.

Monday, September 21, 2009

boo time

This weekend the sweeties were lucky enough to visit
Roger's Gardens not once, but twice.
Roger's Gardens is honestly the home of all things
good and inspirational.
To my delight, they have an exciting Halloween exhibit,
which was called mournful Morris' basement.
Basements are creepy! We came away completely
inspired to scare the pants off of all of the little kids in
the neighborhood.
Can I just say that sepia colored old time photos are
the coolest and I will never pass up
another opportunity to take them at the county
fair again.

The dummy of Morris, whose name is apparently Morton.
Morton rambles on insane nonsense, sounds like he has smoked
5 packs a day for twenty years, and has a real penchant for
the eyebrow raise.

The mad laboratory. Why? because Morris dabbles in mad science.

Odd magic corner. Paging Dr. Hyp?(inside joke.. sorry)
Let's get to the main event...

The wall of clowns.
Why is that clown called Terrible Timmy?
Look closely..
I love that his eyes still look completely indifferent.
You guys still like me, right?
The highlight of the basement was these changing pictures,
like our friend Timmy above.
They are available to buy at Haunted Memories Changing Portraits.
Black and White photos already scare me. The fact that a
baby in black and white is actually a 90 year old woman can
haunt me for days. But, this(below) is ridiculous.
These photos take it to the next level, with a peaceful humble
woman or child changing into a fanged monster or
flaming corpse with a sideways glance.
Seriously scary.

check out this amazing 16x20, 'The Restless Spirit'

Perfectly innocent from the front.
From the side, Blair witch caliber.
Happy Monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

no rest for

..pretty pastels.
I am going to pair them with darks this
And that is pretty much all I want to say about that.
Happy Weekend!
[cutest shirt from prettytalitha]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

holy cuteness!

This show looks like so much fun!
Dying over the fabric and color from
the Proenza Schouler Spring 10 show.

Whatever this tiered nonsense is, I love it.
That purple metallic color!

This hem is darling. Another amazing
mystery fabric peeping out.

To die for!
Seriously can't believe I have to gear up
for tights and sweaters after seeing this!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sorry to subject everyone to my love of small creatures
and my twisted sense of humor. But, I have been craft
book shopping for the last week (in preparation for
the upcoming classes) and I am dying over how many
amazing felting books there are?! I have NO idea what you
do with a small felted creature. I may have to fight my
inner nonsense collector on this one.
Look at these amazingly funny felted friends from the luckyd
shop on etsy. In a sea of people felting their
dogs, this shop is perfectly silly.

Manny the miserable monster.

Butterscotch the baby guinea pig.. the best hot mess.

Hampa and Hamma the hamster felted grandparents.
Hampa has a totally awesome baldy bowl cut.

And, apparently, they can felt your likeness, so you can keep a
small felted you in your pocket.
I just love how they are all sitting on the same creepy green
chair. It is almost like they are waiting in the doctors
office. Perhaps a felting class is in my future.
For the moment, I am seriously obsessed..

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's gloomy, I just ate a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie
and I smell Cinnamon. I have been praying for
fall (aka my birthday season)to
come for so long and now I kind of just long for those
goofy glasses wearing days of summer.
I always love the layered fashions of Fall.
Tights are so heavenly.

See what I mean, though? Sun on your crazy glasses wearing
face and lightweight, albeit sheer, jersey are so nice.
Someone has a case of the Mondays!
[fab fashions from the Orion London Fall and Summer
lines... can you tell which is which?]

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy weekend.. get busy!

Not to stress anyone out, but if you are going
to fashion your own fancy Halloween costume,
the time to get started is now.
Let me offer you a few costume ideas..

Dangerous love: sheik plus
geisha = witchy love child.

Hammer pants clown family

80s moon people.. who love their sneakers.

An easy sell: we love america!

Big love.

And, for your sweetie...

Disco cowboy

A onesie that is likely to creep up? Obvious good times.

Civil war/Halloween party?

Now this is an unlikely bunch.
What are they up to? No good.

[buy these patterns here - from top..

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

like candy

After a trip to Williams Sonoma last friday, where I went
crazy purchasing WS's new stackable cake decorations,
I am totally into cake making. I made a cake on Friday,
and another on Sunday.

A seriously brilliant idea : making your
own personalized cake decorating tower.
Mine consists of Halloween pearls(I love Halloween),
hot pink sanding sugar, GOLDEN cake duster,
and genuine sugar pearls.
**sadly, these are not available online!

My beautifully sandwiched chocolate cake.
So many delicious things in one picture...
Home grown tomatoes, a giant glass cloche,
a dollop of crema on a nice cup
of Nespresso, 2 cuddly bunnies, a fantastic
vintage lurex stripe dress, and a stack of
apparel mags. ahhhh.

Anyway.. enough ramblings. Onto the main event..
the reason behind the 'like candy' title,
the most incredible random cake kitsch from
my new favorite HEYYOYO store on etsy.
These images of small vibrant plastic goodness
make me insanely happy.


It is worth mentioning that these amazing backdrops are
all paper from the Martha Stewart collection. The best.
get yours here.
Lie to me and tell me how much you love plastic miniatures!
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