Thursday, September 10, 2009

like candy

After a trip to Williams Sonoma last friday, where I went
crazy purchasing WS's new stackable cake decorations,
I am totally into cake making. I made a cake on Friday,
and another on Sunday.

A seriously brilliant idea : making your
own personalized cake decorating tower.
Mine consists of Halloween pearls(I love Halloween),
hot pink sanding sugar, GOLDEN cake duster,
and genuine sugar pearls.
**sadly, these are not available online!

My beautifully sandwiched chocolate cake.
So many delicious things in one picture...
Home grown tomatoes, a giant glass cloche,
a dollop of crema on a nice cup
of Nespresso, 2 cuddly bunnies, a fantastic
vintage lurex stripe dress, and a stack of
apparel mags. ahhhh.

Anyway.. enough ramblings. Onto the main event..
the reason behind the 'like candy' title,
the most incredible random cake kitsch from
my new favorite HEYYOYO store on etsy.
These images of small vibrant plastic goodness
make me insanely happy.


It is worth mentioning that these amazing backdrops are
all paper from the Martha Stewart collection. The best.
get yours here.
Lie to me and tell me how much you love plastic miniatures!


  1. The studly man and the baby are the best. Um. Can you bring some of that cake up here?????? And who doesn't love Halloween!? Best holiday EVER!

  2. you better stop torturing me with your nespresso! and i wouldn't mind some of that cake either! ;)


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