Monday, September 21, 2009

boo time

This weekend the sweeties were lucky enough to visit
Roger's Gardens not once, but twice.
Roger's Gardens is honestly the home of all things
good and inspirational.
To my delight, they have an exciting Halloween exhibit,
which was called mournful Morris' basement.
Basements are creepy! We came away completely
inspired to scare the pants off of all of the little kids in
the neighborhood.
Can I just say that sepia colored old time photos are
the coolest and I will never pass up
another opportunity to take them at the county
fair again.

The dummy of Morris, whose name is apparently Morton.
Morton rambles on insane nonsense, sounds like he has smoked
5 packs a day for twenty years, and has a real penchant for
the eyebrow raise.

The mad laboratory. Why? because Morris dabbles in mad science.

Odd magic corner. Paging Dr. Hyp?(inside joke.. sorry)
Let's get to the main event...

The wall of clowns.
Why is that clown called Terrible Timmy?
Look closely..
I love that his eyes still look completely indifferent.
You guys still like me, right?
The highlight of the basement was these changing pictures,
like our friend Timmy above.
They are available to buy at Haunted Memories Changing Portraits.
Black and White photos already scare me. The fact that a
baby in black and white is actually a 90 year old woman can
haunt me for days. But, this(below) is ridiculous.
These photos take it to the next level, with a peaceful humble
woman or child changing into a fanged monster or
flaming corpse with a sideways glance.
Seriously scary.

check out this amazing 16x20, 'The Restless Spirit'

Perfectly innocent from the front.
From the side, Blair witch caliber.
Happy Monday!


  1. oh ya - scary stuff at the Rogers - It's been a lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time
    The Restless Spirit is still my favorite -- really scary


  2. Yay Halloween! I like the wall of clowns.

  3. Amie! come down here and walk the gardens with me!

  4. this was good. i mean GOOD. those clowns! oh man oh man. if you guys do a creepy haunted house i'm coming to see it!


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