Wednesday, September 9, 2009

look of the week.

Let's rename this post 'For the Love of Blue'.
I already had my hand slapped by sweetie
this morning because my last blue post
was too small. I admit, my heart was not in
it. Frankly, the blue items that really excite me
are the blue items in my own closet.
I'm not sure if its the end of summer or what
is going on, but I have definitely been in a vintage dress
wearing mood lately.
Take this extremely killer backless friend below...
accompanied by sweetie's homemade blue friend.
And no, jeans and dresses are not a sweet pairing, but I
was feeling a bit lazy this morning.
This dress was not originally blue, but after careful
consideration became blue just yesterday. The original
had potential but was white with a blue stripe and some
extra special vintage yellowing.
I quickly thought about blue blue and more blue
and yesterday my blue dreams came true.
[dress from the VZmoda35 shop, dyed with RIT dye]

let's dress alike! Go dye some stuff blue!

My favorite collection of vintage blue dresses(and one jumper)!
[get your dresses! from left: dresses 1,4,6 from Wasteland,
dress 2 from rabbitsnyc, dress 3 from VZmoda35,
dress 5 from NodtoMod Vintage, and dress 7 from my mom.]

we are shocked by the beauty of blue!
go spread the blue vintage love.
(any excuse to repost myself making this face)


  1. i adore that dress. ADORE! and dresses with jeans is an excellent, not lazy pairing. i wear that alllll theeee time! xoxo

  2. you are a pregnant lady.. after all. i am so glad you like the dress!
    i seriously rescued it from a case of the doldrums.


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