Friday, September 25, 2009

amazing dimension

In need of some sexy fall dimension for
those preppy fall outfits?
LOVE these new necklaces from jcrew.
These are darling..completely.
Although, there are some amazing vintage
guys available for adopting.
Adopting jewels is doing something good
for mankind, after all.

Last night at another super fun Ambiguous/Active paddle
show(possibly more comments to come later),
I resurrected the excessive vintage pearl wearing
that I used to do quite a lot in my early 20s.
I am now very interested in this heavy rhinestone wearing, however.
I'm going to make it happen.
Happy weekend!


  1. Pretty! I want! I feel like jcrew used to be sort of boring but they have really fun stuff these days- big chunky accessories! In mississipi for weekend....

  2. j.crew. now there's a store i haven't stepped foot in since freshman year of college.. and haven't bought something from since.. um.. idk. maybe i never have. but those necklaces are definitely to die over. i'm all about rhinestones. esp big rhinestone rings!

  3. ha, i just need to mention that with my last post, my robot word i had to spell out was "takiest". ha ha! hilarious.

  4. seriously. half the time those things are hilarious. um, while you are consignment shopping... look for some hot jewelry. did i mention my birthday is coming up? hee.


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