Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sorry to subject everyone to my love of small creatures
and my twisted sense of humor. But, I have been craft
book shopping for the last week (in preparation for
the upcoming classes) and I am dying over how many
amazing felting books there are?! I have NO idea what you
do with a small felted creature. I may have to fight my
inner nonsense collector on this one.
Look at these amazingly funny felted friends from the luckyd
shop on etsy. In a sea of people felting their
dogs, this shop is perfectly silly.

Manny the miserable monster.

Butterscotch the baby guinea pig.. the best hot mess.

Hampa and Hamma the hamster felted grandparents.
Hampa has a totally awesome baldy bowl cut.

And, apparently, they can felt your likeness, so you can keep a
small felted you in your pocket.
I just love how they are all sitting on the same creepy green
chair. It is almost like they are waiting in the doctors
office. Perhaps a felting class is in my future.
For the moment, I am seriously obsessed..


  1. ok...these are AMAZING! Wedding gift perhaps?

  2. i will buy you a felted meghan and ryan.

  3. weird! i was just reading about how to make felt balls. i want to make a bunch and string them together to make a rug.. i'm just not sure i have the time to do it! what say you, oh craftiness?


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