Thursday, September 3, 2009

when i grow up

Since reading this month's Bon Apétit magazine
article about food carts, I have become semi
obsessed with them. Of course, the magazine article
was all about street carts in Portland.. another reason why
Portland is totally amazing.
See the online article/slideshow here.
Is staring at a photo of food for long periods
of time as good as eating it?
After doing some internet food photo gawking,
I have come to find that there is actually a
blog that lists and rates all of the Portland food carts.
OF COURSE there is. Portland is the coolest.

in Bon Apétit and on the home page of the foodcartsportland page.
Although, it is an 'ice cream cart' who makes bacon
ice cream. And, its orange.

This one's for you Joce!
The swamp shack.. home of southern fried food.


my personal fave(at least in pictures) = the spud locker

melted cheese and bacon? heaven.
I'm guessing that there is a strong correlation
between any food this cool appearing in orange county
and me opening up my own food shack.
Let's put this one at number three on my
potential near future calling list behind killer
apparel and art co op shop owner and crafty workshop
studio owner. I'm hungry.


  1. oooh! well it just so happens that us LAIRDS live in portland...that's right. and we may just have to check out these locales and give you our own ratings!!!!! spud locker here we come! xoxo

  2. those pesky lairds. oh please do a world tour of food carts. that would be amazing.

  3. God. this made me really hungry now too. A food shack and all your other plans sound superb. Open them in LA.

  4. That is not good to look at right around lunch time. I am hungry. Maybe that;s our new business venture -- All Natural lunch truck! All aboard!

  5. i was already hungry before reading this! holy crap, that jambalaya looks gooooooooood!


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