Wednesday, September 30, 2009

feeling dark?

Crafty tutorials are taking much longer than expected.
In the meantime lets enjoy some beautiful black fall
vintage fashions.
I have been feeling a bit dark lately. I am going
use this energy to find excitement for dark fashions.

From the always beautiful AllenCompanyInc.

Ok, its impossible to be in a bad mood knowing that this muff exists...
I think Cats really are the tackiest most wonderful creatures.


  1. Um- my dear girl! Very cute clothes but why are you so dark???? I would LOVE to do a midweek hang out... but we leave today for 10 days.... no rest for the weary. I still miss you though.

  2. cats are super tacky. i had a friend in college who i would send weird cat paraphernalia to... and she would send crazy stuff back to me. it's a fun game.

    and that first dress and the sweater. to die over. can i have them both please?

  3. i kind of like the last? I am a total sailor lover.


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