Thursday, October 1, 2009

still rolling along

The craft tutorials, that is.
Wanted to post some nice photos from the
aforementioned paddle show.
This paddle show had some youthful cuteness,
which a was glad to see, with just a splash of
angst. As an artist, without angst, you are nothing..
or so I conjecture.
Let me start by saying that I pulled most of these
photos from the Krochet Kids flickr stream..
super nice guys with a sweet little nonprofit that
involves crochet? Pure goodness.

the star of every party and a lot of sneakers.

happy about this wall... Michael C. Hsuing
Not sure if it was his intent to make me totally enthralled
with these men in headdresses and their ridiculous
wrestling antics.
Am I the only one who would wear these guys?
I think it would be criminal not to have them on
apparel. hmm.

This is my favorite gold prize winner paddle.
That 4 eyed man is seriously sexy. He is clearly droning on
about his interesting childhood and his house in Pasadena
and creeping into people's personal space.
[artistic splendor of Erik McHenry]

Family photo. Why my head is like this.. no idea.
Cute pics, nice people, crafty excellence.


  1. your head is like that cause you're trying to show off your super sexy chin. duh! don't worry--the creepy 4-eyed paddle guy can totally relate.

  2. i think the SCARF needs it's own blog?!!!!! it has seen the world and then some!!!! if only it could'd be rich! ha.

  3. hey now. i never denied wearing that scarf every day for the last ten 6 years. its like my mobile blankie...

  4. I really like the family photo! and I think we need a paddle for our abode.

  5. Oh my god - laughed out loud about the 4-eyed guy talking about his house in Pasadena. good call!


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