Thursday, October 15, 2009

lighten up!

After weeks and weeks of pictures of the Spring
fashion shows and more specifically, the
front row outfit perfection, I am feeling
completely obsessed with looking effortlessly
put together. So many black tights out there
in the fashion world right now, with the
tiny dotted black tights as the popularity contest
winner, contributing to these fancy
outfits. Although I have hopes that I too
will look 'expensive' in this lifetime,
I think I need to bring the enthusiasm up a tad.
Between the rain and the stuffiness of my
current inspiration, I am bumming myself out.

See what I mean though? flawless.
I can always count on homemade pink meringues
to pull me out of the current serious climate.

And these tights from Anthropologie are extremely cheery.
Can we talk about the way that Anthro is displaying
their tights? Just vulgar enough that you can't pull your
eyes away. Well done.
I need to go buy some tights so I can stop rambling
about them.


  1. man, that leg looks shapely! suddenly i am not feeling all that fat! ;) and yes, that first look is perfection. i want to be wearing that right now!

  2. I heart tights too. I'm pretty excited it's fall!

  3. did somebody say stockings!!!! say in high voice WITH BRITISH ACCENT... 'STOCKINGS'
    some dewsys are on the way


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