Friday, October 30, 2009

Pachanga, are you ready?

The countdown is on for our bday trip to Pachanga
Casino next Thursday. Yes, Pachanga Casino,
where we will be seeing Billy Currington, the studly
country singer of Sweetie and My 'song'.
And if anyone does not understand first hand the
hotness of Billy, then you need to watch the
song here.
This is the best birthday ever.
And so, I have been channeling my inner cowgirl
by doing some hot vintage cowgirl online shopping.
There is no way I can go to Pachanga Casino on
my 30th birthday and not try to make an
impression. I am not certain what it takes to get
noticed at an Indian Casino, but I will try.
Let's turn up our honky tonk sex appeal, people!

1.) Don't get excited; this item is mine ladies. A corduroy mustard baseball cap with an NRA
sharpshooters patch? This gem was inherited from Grandpa..
no, I don't support gun possession. Although, support of the NRA seems to be very popular
at country concerts. So, it may make an appearance.
2.) I wish I wish I had a fringed red suede vest. Amazing. via
3.) It is very likely that I will sport one of sweeties vintage Levis plaid shirts.
So yummy.. and so many on etsy! via
4.)Pony stamped leather purse. Is there anyone who does not like stamped leather? no. via
5.)Um, this shirt is from Kenny Rogers collection for JC Penny? Aside from the
fact that I would willingly sing Sheena Eastons half of We've got tonight at any
moment with out prompting/the fact that Kenny put his name on this shirt,
the fact that it has that yoke is reason enough. via
Although, if I really loved Kenny, I suppose I would be willing
to chance Kenny's DRY casino.. Barona.
6.) These boots are for shit kickin. via
7.)This shirt is the SUPER GOLD STAR WINNER. This, Sweetie brought back
from a recent shopping trip and I have been really easy about wearing it
and washing it, which was a HUGE mistake. Apparently, this shirt is
the country bombtastic, the thing that country dreams are made of, as
there are about 50 google entries for people asking about where to get it. what!?
8.) My most awesome belt buckle. Yes, that is a real seashell on the front.
Super silver star for that one.
9.)This is sweet. probably too sweet for me. via

Now these are the items that my country dreams are made of.
Don't you judge me. This is my Pachanga birthday celebration.
1.) Thanks to Yessi, I have been obsessing about the Boot Mug for quite a while. via
2.)boot cuteness. via
3.)I just don't think there is anything to say about this seller proclaimed 'Dolly
Parton' Dress. This dress is so unbelievably awesome and is totally my color. via
Double Gold Star.
4.) A little campy-ness. Kenny, is that you on the far right? via

Thanks to Cowboy Gill for the country birthday inspiration.
Next country posting will most certainly revolve around
Turkey Lurkey. Stay tuned.


  1. I really need to re-watch Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta.

  2. I love that Dave is into this with you. Man Diego shuns the country-western love. pshaw to him. So awesome and jealous that I will not be donning my country duds at pechanga with you to celebrate! have a great halloweenie and bday, too! nice vid pic, too.

  3. There is always next Sat night...!!? I will certainly be wearing something as fetching. And, ditto on the video. Dreamy!

  4. oh Dolly Parton! those tassles are so nice! watch out Pechanga - here we come!


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