Monday, October 12, 2009

A crafty good time = bag.

So, I finally picked the bag design for my first
class and I decided on this super sassy
square messenger. I feel like it will be a good, versatile buddy...
who can be a craft bag or a farmer's market bag.
I miniaturized the bag a little for my own selfish
needs(just for the sample) and felted some rainbow sea urchins
on the front pocket. Mine also has a couple of Granny's
vintage mother of pearl buttons.

Of course I could not waste the precious fabric for the
class so I hand dyed heavy canvas vintage blue
with my favorite RIT dye in teal.

The real bag will be taller, slouchier, and in this super cute
orchid leaf print from Joel Dewberry.
Incidentally, JD also produced the printed
fabric of the chair below.
A little polka dotted bias to finish the bag nice and
clean, a super chic screen print that is at the
screen printer, and we are good to go.
(all fabric/bias available at Hart's Fabric)

The class on Saturday should be a good time!
Once we get some good photos from the class I will
post them with the bag tutorial, sea urchins and all.
Happy Monday!
on a side note.. I am really feeling the quad cam app
for my iphone. A must have.


  1. oh cute!!!!! i will follow along when you post the tutorial!!!! yipee!

  2. quadcam rules and this is a great little bag! maybe i need to commission you to make me a diaper bag! ha!

  3. If you want it to be one-dimentional, without pockets, my answer is yes.


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