Friday, August 14, 2009

yes yes and yes

We are saving the best for last here... and my most favorite of
all colors is blue, people.
Time to enlarge the browser window!
And, reminder to the wearer: dressing monochromatically
does include undergarments!

Blue beats to a different drum. Blue is daring, fashionable,
and completely quirky.
I am so excited to be wearing blue to the party!
Woo hoo for blue.
If you have any declarations of love for blue, you may leave them here.
[blue drumroll : clockwise from the top 1. sweet blue vintage

Happy weekend!!


  1. Blue is my favorite color! Love all of your pics!

  2. Beautiful! My favorite is the white with blue trim dress I think! Still looking for my orange muumuu.

  3. dave just brought me back some amazing vintage last night and one dress is orange? it is an xs, though... but, seems kind of flowy?

  4. holla! good thing i just got some blue panties.. but if you tell me the undergarment police are coming, i might be a no show. ;)


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