Monday, August 17, 2009

Like candy.

I somehow got lost in the PBS Supremes special
yesterday and I ended up completely inspired by
the AMAZING fashions of the Supremes.
These hot orange pantsuits had me completely salivating,
although this picture does not do them justice.
In case you are a fan of pirated asian movies,
I do have a You Tube clip that some odd fellow
took while watching this very 1969 'Someday We'll be Together'
performance. A little on the budget side,
but so worth it to see these outfits and a fifteen
chandelier backdrop in person.

How incredible are these outfits? Multiplied times three
is way too much excitement for me to handle.
And, these ladies have a serious love of the color orange,
mirrors, chandeliers and anything else that looks
like it came from my sister's Barbie mansion.
1969 clearly rocked.

Images from the Victor and Albert museum.


  1. Who doesn't love the color orange?

  2. It's one thing to love and another to wear, in full sequin suit form. no?


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