Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found : Signature party drinks.

I give you two fabulous party cocktails :
the Cucumber Tangerine Fizz
the Thyme Lemonade Martini...

Cucumber Tangerine Fizz

Thyme Lemonade Martini.

Let's examine the science behind both of these fantastic drinks.
I am quite proud of myself, as scientific experimentation was never
my strong point. So, let me walk you through this madness.
Then, all of you teary eyed out-of-towners who are not attending
this 'Lovefest', as we call it around these parts,
can live the signature drink experience as well.

The Cucumber Tangerine Fizz -
The journey to the CTF began with a trip to the Hedonia blog,
where we learned that the most delicious vodka infusion that these two
gentlemen had ever experienced was the cucumber infusion.
So, we immediately started infusing cucumber vodka.
For each 3 liters of vodka, we used 12 cucumbers, peeled and sliced in
simple rounds. We layered them into a glass jar poured in the vodka and
placed the jar in the fridge. It has been about 5 days now, and the flavor
gets better each day.
So next the question..what to pair with the light deliciousness of the
cucumber vodka. Cue Agrumi Italian Soda in Tangerine flavor.
Italian soda is delicious. Tangerines are delicious. And the soda
nicely compliments the subtle flavors of the vodka.
So the entire recipe is two parts soda, one part cucumber vodka,
a twist of lime, and cucumber ribbon garnish.
Too, I went ahead and added sugar rimmer to both of these drinks,
but it is completely optional.

The Thyme Lemonade Martini -
with a few twists.
Unfortunately, if you do not have a juicer, this may not be the recipe for you.
We found the fresh squeezed lemonade to be VERY very tart. Too,
there is the problem of the vodka amount varying from glass to glass.
We can't have that. So, we are making this lemonade a martini.
We start by mixing the lemonade and not adding the vodka.. but, keeping
the lemonade aside as a key martini element.
Then, we add a little soda water or Pellegrino to mellow out the lemonade
and give it a little kick.
So the final recipe ends up being one part MS thyme lemonade(without vodka),
one part vodka, and one part soda.
This makes a nice light lemony friend. Garnish with a sprig of thyme
and the sugar rimmer, if desired.
The thyme really comes out in this one. Delicious.

If anyone was hoping a mantini was going to make it on
the menu, I apologize. For you - Please find your recipe
for bacon infused vodka here.

Otherwise, can't wait to drink a few of these.. they are dangerous!


  1. I'll have one of each, pleassssseee

  2. dammit janet. can you at least make me a virgin? these sound completely amazing. sigh.

  3. Joce - I think there is hope for you and a virgin thyme lemonade.
    Marybel - I wish you lived closer... we could have daily cocktail hour!!

  4. Those look grrrrreat! I'm all about the tangerine to match Diana's dress (below)

  5. Well that's just great. They look totally undrinkable for big ol' preggers me.

  6. Nice!! I'm looking forward to tasting both....several times :)


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