Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hello sunshine!

Although friend has already been declared the winner in the yellow
category, I will continue my summations of each color profile.
Next up, yellow. Yellow is very fun and exciting. We are really taking
it up a notch today. I am feeling a bit bad about the
mediocre homage paid to the color pink yesterday. Not to worry..
I think I have a solution. That is up next.
Now for some YELLOW! I would be lying if I said that this entire
collage did not revolve around the AMAZING yellow driving
gloves. Friend.. please, oh please?

Yellow is easy going, fun, and happy. Pretty delightful, really.
Yellow can be sexy and sassy, too, if just for the fact that it can
make you look like a bronze goddess, regardless of your complexion.
(or am I fooling my milky self?)
Yellow had better bring it come August 22nd.
Are you a yellow? I think this may be MY color. I'm easy going,


[buy yellow!: clockwise from top..1. slip dress 1. from jcrew
2. neon headband from jcrew 3. lacy vintage from adVintageous
4. beady vintage number from thegreedyseagull 5. tiered gauze
dress from anthropologie 6. AMAZING gloves from
vintageinbohemia 7. peep toe flats from anthropologie
8. to die for luggage from jcrew 9.80s prom from persephonevintage
10. beautiful shoes from allencompanyinc
11. killer bangle from luc kieffer on shopbop
12. slip dress 2 from jcrew 13. bikini top from jcrew
14. printed tank from anthropologie 15. neon heels
from giuseppe zanotti on shopbop
16. necklace from jcrew 17. skirt from retrolabs
18. dress from ninthavenuevintage 19. bag from thevintagecloset
20. initial necklaces from anthropologie
21. POOF! from jcrew.
now go get your yellow on!]


  1. I love yellow. Unfortunately I think I can't pull it off that well.

  2. Stop making me think I need to buy an entirely new outfit that is vintage yellow ha ha


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