Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pretty pictures

Before officially moving on to Christmas, 
it's December btw, pretty pictures of 
Fall on Whidbey Island
 Fall on Whidbey is cooooold. 

the farm... loganberry wine and pie. mm
 Langley.. hideous place. 
 Ava got kind of festive for the Thanksgiving holiday..
 And, we finally got on the train float in the Los Altos 
Parade of Lights. Thanks to Meg for helping us 
live the dream!
totally avoiding work for a week plus two days was totally awesome. 
Now, I must get to it. 


  1. I want to kidnap Ava! she is so cute!
    And it looks like you had a nice lil vacation - I am jealous! You escape to somewhere colder... id be doing the opposite!

  2. Such great pics!!!! Looks like a fun holiday!

  3. Love the pics. Nice to see a change of season.


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