Monday, November 22, 2010

this is me

thoroughly entertained with myself in the new 'Mel' 
sweater that just arrived for our Fall 11 photo shoot this week. 
This thing is so darned cute. And, the color 'pinky'
can soften anyone up. Even me!
Look for yours from Split Girl very soon!
I have many pics of trees to share from my woodsy 
weekend on the Greenbank Farm.
Right now, however, I must get in a car and drive to SF. 
Happy Turkey week!
p.s. I swear I do not think I am a model all of the 
sudden. I have no idea what has gotten into me. 


  1. yeah ... you are on your way here!
    the MINT ... that's where we will head to get your singing fix in! not to mention trannie love.

  2. I love seeing your face on here, are you kidding me?!!?! More more more!
    Have fun in SF.

  3. it really is freakin cute. can't wait to get MINE!


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