Friday, November 5, 2010

fun fact

Well. Today is my birthday. 
Last night I got into bed at about 11:50 and 
ten minutes later was woken up by my computer, 
and the lines 'hey Jaimee, it's your birthday'.
I knew the sound immediately, though I had no idea where it 
was coming from. 
Fun fact =  Every year on my birthday
I listen to 'my' birthday song. This song is completely
cheesy and titled 'Happy Birthday Jaimee', of course,
and involves a wacky character named Captain Zoom 
singing to me. I am fairly certain it is also someone else's
song as well, since there is a clear break in 
the song where the name
'Jaimee' is yelled. 
The best part about this song is that it came to me by way of a 6"
LP on top of one of my birthday presents at my 4th birthday. 
Here is me at Cuesta park on my fourth birthday. 
and here is me freaking out after my balloons flew away. 
I tried to get Ava to put this on this morning to indulge my 
birthday fantasies and I got a big hand to the face. 
My birthday related nostalgia is raging and 
I was feeling pretty good after schlepping out the 
dress while listening to the birthday song.  
And now, I must subject all of you to the birthday song. 
I will not apologize for how crazy it is. 
Sadly, I could not find video footage from the above party.
So, I set the song to the scene from my second birthday party.

I think I will circle back to Halloween/bday week images next week. 
Because this day is all about me. ha!
Have a good weekend! xx!


  1. that song explains so much. what the hell.

  2. oh my, that song is classic!! gonna have to agree with jocelyn, amazing!

    i so love that you still have that dress!

  3. omg, that song is just plain crazy which is just so so appropriate for you. Love it and love you and all your craziness!! Hope you had a fabulous bday weekend!! xo

  4. Love you!!!! So cute even back in the day!


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