Tuesday, November 16, 2010

laces and fur balls.

I do love laces.
who doesn't want this zexy open lace on 
a button up and a dress? I know!
You will have it next year by way of Split Girl.

Wanna see something ridiculous?
meet Felix.. Ringo's newly adopted friend. 
yes, he resembles barf from space balls. 
And! I just promoted to myself to the level of 
spastic pet owner, as I have completely decided that 
Ringo, in his 2 lb/12year old state, needs to start 
wearing sweaters to keep his little body warm. 
So, look for that entertainment later. 
But, enough funny diversions...
the reason for our newly adopted gopher-rabbit
is because I lost my most loved bunny Jamie the rabbit 
in August. 
 I adopted Jamie the rabbit 8 1/2 years ago, when he was 1 1/2. 
Of course I was attracted to him by his fantastic name, which I never 
had the heart to change. And so, I endured 8 years of being made fun of
over my rabbit of the same name. He was such a love and 
my little buddy. He always wanted to see me even in times when no 
one else did. gulp! I miss him. This was one of the reasons for 
my August depression 2010.
I just needed to hold that information close to me until I was 
ready to share it. xx
Ok, let's end on a high.  I came into work today wearing an oversized 
man-shirt. Standard. Then I got my yummiest flannel tunic sample in 
for next year. Me and flannels, 
we don't really understand each other. 
Its one of those not-angsty-enough situations. 
So let's reinvent the wheel here and wear batwing flannel tunics
with aztec plaid. 
And, it has pockets. I'm in love! I wish I had brought a little belt today. 
yay! Happy Tues!


  1. Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry about Jamie!!!! As a fellow obsessed pet owner- I can't even imagine your loss. I'm really very sorry. In a completely different note- Felix is very handsome and fluffy. He can't replace Jamie, but hopefully he can cheer you up a bit as you make a new room in your heart for him! XXXX

  2. Awww I remember when you first got Jamie. the new bunny is so fantastic. seriously soooo cute I can't wait to fetch him out of the garden for you!!

  3. Jaime. :( xoxo

    and love the top. of course.

  4. oh I'm so sorry about Jamie ... he will sorely be missed!

    we hope that the new little fur ball is lots of fun for you and Ringo. No one can replace the original J ...


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