Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A season for orange.

I have been waiting to brag about this..
and only now does it seem appropriate
(despite the fact that I pulled this gorgeousness
out in the beginning of October).
My Thanksgiving decor is looking so lovely and
I am so happy to be hosting Thanksgiving this year.

My Cornucopia I have already introduced you to,
purchased at Cost Plus. I looked to see what's on
the decor menu at Cost Plus this year and they do
have this fantastic Turkey. No cornucopia, though.
My lovely accordion Turkey, one of my first
T day purchases 10 years ago.

My new basket of Persimmons, thanks to Joanne.
Thank you!

And here she is, people, one of our most
awesome holiday possessions,
thrifted in Capitola for a whopping ten dollars.
One day, I will produce DIY packages of this
mother for you crafty people, I promise.
It just isn't fair that I am the only one who gets to
snuggle her through the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is hard to keep up with such a lover of November,
but these hot Thanksgiving items are available for
purchase at StashStyle.

Some bonus photos of Miss Turkey, who is quite the baby lover.
And the face of someone who awakens to find Turkey sitting on them.

because November is about getting personal.


  1. I love this post. I'm hosting Thanksgiving too! Assuming I don't go into labor..... Your decor certainly looks impressive. I'm just keeping up a bunch of pumpkins and hoping that does the trick.... Just saw your comment about lunch on Friday- that should work for me??? Are we on?

  2. This is a really nice collection of Fall goodness - visiting last year and new items. Ava Ava Ava


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