Monday, November 23, 2009

Finishing up.

And now for the last step of this darned embroidery.
The last stitch is the 'spiderweb' stitch and what is so
great about it is that it actually involves very little stitching.
Here is where we were at the last time we were
doing this.. one weekend and 6 glasses of wine ago.
You can use whatever colors you want for this stitch.
The pattern calls out for your stem color, dark green,
and the middle knot color.. medium purple.
Start with your dark green color for the base of the web.

So, Bring your needle through the middle of the little star drawing;
you want to be at one of the inside ends of one of the little lines.
Working outward, stitch in each of the lines. Try to make them as
even as possible. The more even the lines are, the easier
things are for you later.

one stitch.


Eventually, you have a whole wheel.. the bones of the web.
Knot off your first color and cut.
Sorry, mine looks a little wonky because I fixed one of my sides
that was too short. Try to disregard the wonkiness.

Now we switch to our Purple thread.
Start by bringing your needle up between two of the stitch lines,
as close to the top as you can get them.


Then, you take your needle and run it under the stitch lines
to the right and the left of your thread, wrapping the right stitch line
with the new thread. If you ever did camp, think God's eye. yumm.

Continue this process by wrapping the needle around the stitch line
to the right of your new loose thread and putting your needle
under that stitch line and the next.

You have just wrapped
another line. Brilliant.
Keep up this process, running the needle under the stitch line
to the right and left of your floss...

Continually push the already wrapped floss up toward the middle
so it is nice and tight together.

In mere minutes, you will have gone all the way around the wheel.
What do you do now? Oh yes, keep wrapping.
And, wrapping.

Eventually, this mother will be the most beautiful God's eye you
have ever seen.

No, you are not done. See that little knot in the upper left corner?
It needs two friends. If you thought you were done knotting,
you were wrong.
Take your trio of purples and get going. Just like the first knots,
you need 4 threads and your bow tying finger.
You will make one knot in each color.

Ok, now you are done. Nice work!

Don't be afraid to hand wash your work when you are done to
get rid of pencil marks. Use a small dab of detergent.
I dry with a warm iron.

Holiday gift time! Make it happen!

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