Monday, November 2, 2009

getting personal

Unfortunately for the reader, this week is the
and therefore will be devoted almost
exclusively to hokey stories about
my child and husband... welcome to
double birthday week 2009.
Saturday night we kicked things off with
a seriously spectacular Halloween filled
with cheap wine, heckling and high kicks.

Cat woman(mask up), Cinderella, and Christopher Cross lover
and Yacht Rocker, David D. Patri Esquire.

Early in the night, Ava worked her charm
and rode the sugartrain.. first up, then down down.
And, she rode the pony.

I love quad cam.

Oh darn you, Balboa Candy for giving out legit giant suckers!


light up shoes!


The VI did not let us down on Saturday. All of the 'early birds' were
out in their favorite get up, some in sexy get up!

Meet Anita Dix, Cat Woman's instant best friend of the
night and a total Bad Ass UFC fighting champion,
who apparently hand stitched together her leggings with
Dental Floss! Hoot!

Double gold star for the creepiest character of the
night, ladies man 'Man Baby'.

Awesome kick off.. cannot wait for the rest of the week.


  1. Man baby rules. You guys are adorable!

  2. Amazing! Love the pics- too cute for words. How do you do the quad cam? It's YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK!

  3. ame - quad cam is an iphone app.. ill set it up for you next time i see you.


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