Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday roundup

Some Favorite shots of the week..

Sweetie's b-day eggs bene.

The sweetest felt chair card from Twig and Fig.

Look Familiar? My gift to myself..which, to
my delight, fit perfectly despite being a medium.
I knew it! Love it!

The birthday ball and its contents...

Get your own here. ( of course these are from the same maker
as those treasure candles when we were kids.. remember those?)

Birthday wannabe and a great birthday song singer!

Billy was completely adorable as expected. However, he had a
serious wardrobe malfunction in that he thought it was ok
to perform in what we initially thought were zip off cargo
pants. Shattered dreams for me, but not for the swarms of
extremely - let's call them 'available' - women.
Women were available last night all over the place. Didn't they
know that the concert was specifically for my birthday?

It's been a happy week. I am even happy for the Yankees?
Happy weekend!


  1. So fun! Your life seems so full of pretty things!

  2. ill be missing you guys this weekend!!!

  3. that birthday ball is so worthy of all the hype. how fun! i will definitely need a christmas one. definitely. oh and the photo of ava is so much adorableness. i would totally let her have my birthday if she batted those eyelashes at me!


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