Monday, November 30, 2009

like candy.

This one is for you, friendy.
I finally went onto the Linda Farrow Vintage website this
morning and it is full of amazing.
Linda Farrow is back in action producing her beautiful
sunglasses that she first made famous in the seventies.
We all know her from the slatted glasses image
of Kanye that overstayed its welcome over the
last two years, but she is so much more and
doing some very impressive collaborations with
some wonderful brands and designers.

Linda Farrow sunglasses are like, well, candy.

Above fabulousness from the Linda Farrow Luxe line.

The more important question is.. where can we get these
beautifully wacky designer collaborations?

for Bernhard Willhelm.

For Charles Anastase.

For Jeremy Scott.

For Sophia Kokosalaki.

And LF uses her projects collaborations to pair with some of our

And, if you need more diamonds in your life(i do), there are always
these hot mamas.

from Linda Farrow Fine Jewelry Collection.

I am loving my new sunglasses.


  1. Oh wow. I'd love any one of those. Maybe Santa.

  2. amazing. missing you and our crafting. still aiming to homemake the holidays here... and I'm sitting on the computer and phone. ummm. have fun in chile!

  3. yay friend ! i was missing your blog for a hot second ! hope you are having fun jet setting with the sweeties. miss you ! xo


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