Monday, November 23, 2009

home grown holiday

Let's jog our memories back to April,
when I made clear my obsession for the
miniature Fungi farms from
My fascination with the mini fungi garden is a long running
one that started about 8 years ago with trips to
the Ferry building in S.F.
How pretty are these mushrooms?

See their mushroom forest in the forefront?
Gorgeous! Effortless! Like a terrarium, but better.
So much better.

Thanks to Melvin, I received my very own Fungi farm over the summer.
In hindsight, perhaps I should have named him. Would that have
made him feel more nurtured?
At any rate, I ran out and purchased a large glass cloche,
the only one I could find was from Pottery Barn,
and gave him a nice, comfy and trés chic home.

And of course, I haven't mentioned him since.
Shattered dreams.

Halloween came and still nothing.
He did appear to be some groovy science experiment,
which helped the spooky decor some.
Our main problem here, so we think, was that it was still
80 degrees in October in Southern California.
Like the lagomorphs, shroomy likes a nice crisp 60
degrees. Lucky for him, the month of November has created
a buns-chilling atmosphere in our guest bathroom.

And that is where we moved him. The rabbits are so jealous.
And, wouldn't you know it, he responded.
Growth and more growth.

Shroomy checking himself out in the mirror..
(he's so vain)
New larger growth..

Original mini growth from the great hot spell of 2009.

New large growth next to old whimpy growth.. see the difference?

Even a few shroomy heads.
Well, I have been butt dragging on this post and this was a shot
of the shroomy heads on Friday..

This was shroomy head MADNESS on Sunday..

Finger high!

Shroomy reaching for the sky on Monday..

And mondo Alice in Wonderland shroomy status this morning.

I am totally a mushroom farmer. So my three shroom heads don't
really resemble the beauty of the Far West Fungi sample.
That's ok.
I have a strong desire to incorporate them into my
Thanksgiving cooking. Yet, somehow, I am not sure I have the
confidence to serve guest a fungus that I have grown in my
guest bathroom, that has been witness to lord knows what.
But, maybe I do.


  1. This is very exciting! Congrats!

  2. Congrats to you!!! You must be such a proud momma :)

  3. I love this!! As much as I love to eat mushrooms, they kinda freak me out too... but so amazing!


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