Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am about to start the painting phase on my new
office/studio(fancy, i know). For color inspiration
I consulted one of my new daily faves.. the Holly Color blog
This blog is feel good simplicity and introduces some fun new 
artists I was unaware of. 
Its amazing how looking at colors can make you 
insanely happy. To circle back to my own studio 
painting are some blog snippits 
from Holly's blog that inspired me...
This palette most reminds me of myself and my 
flare for vintage disco colors... I am digging the idea of this
green and a couple deeper shades of green...
Image from the Holly Color blog with inspiration by 
artist Hamburger Panda... who, by the way, has a super 
cute thing going on herself. Her drawings are very cool 
and sea creature inspired. wink. 
This palette is the girl that I wish I was. 
Pastels are so quiet and soft and beautiful.
I will just leave pastels to 
Image from the Holly Color blog with color
inspiration by Antonio Carusone
Thank you, Holly, for such a pretty blog! I 
promise I will be in the know about
cool artists someday?
In the meantime... I am going to buy some
paint and start this thing. 
Photos of the space to follow. 

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  1. Fun new website! I can't wait to see your new office! And personally I think pastels are lame and boring. You are a fun vibrant person and the colors should follow suit! Let's play soon?


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