Tuesday, May 18, 2010

thought process

My dearest blog, sorry I have been so non attentive. 
I just drank my second Nespresso of the day in hopes of waking up!
There's no time to be sleepy!
So, On the forefront of my mind, aside from mounting bills that I keep 
ignoring - whaaa, is Ava party 2010. 
The preparation process goes as follows = invite. check. 
yes, I blurred the address out again. Paranoia!
Next = pick a theme. Likes of two year old include - drumming, no, 
roller skating, ok - maybe, and Yo Gabba Gabba, yes and yes. 
So, we will have to have a Yo Gabba Gabba/Rollerskating influence
happening here, while respecting the photo boards of the last 
two years, of course. 
P.S. I promise to have some sort of photo gallery of everyone looking
super cool and hip while posing their faces on veggie etc. 
bodies this year. 
Anyway.. next step = decor. 
And I bring you to the evolution of the banners. 
First year banners were micro paper banners. 
Last year, felt banners.
How, oh how, will I update the banners?
I have a couple of ideas... but, you will have to wait and see, as 
I am in complete denial about the closeness of the party. 
In the meantime.. banners that inspire me. 
Some day I plan on having a party that is based around these amazing
paper banners from Aymujer
They even have hokey airstream banners. 
If only my lack of excitement for Mexican food wasn't holding me back. 
Oh well. Someday. 
And, I was super inspired by this look in Santiago, Chile.
And it was SophieCuvelier and 'the fabulous garlands' that 
got me inspired in the first place. 
The circles??
How dreamy are her hand dyed colors. Incredible.
And some other fine specimens..
 hearts via fortyducks.
recycled paper/fabric via monkey puzzle.
cut shapes by paperklipdesign.
And if I could only do this! by lmferg1.
And some fun stuff I found along the way...
How cute is this printed taping?
from Marchare.

AND!! People always ask me where to find hanging 
Pom Poms. Well, woo to the hoo, because this shop
has Poms of all colors. And yes, Pom should be capitalized.  
So you can see from these last few posts how much maddening over
analyzing goes into each detail. Save me from my own psychosis!


  1. GREAT invite!!!!!! i think i have my 1st two saved SOMEWHERE in my archives?! can't believe ava is almost 3. oh man. love the theme- and i wish one day to attend one of these bday parties!?!!!! xoxoxoxox

  2. So fun! We can't wait. In other news- read an article about Yo Gabba Gabba recently- not really clear on who he is... Lucy too young yet- but am excited to see how he influences the party... Invite is SO cute. I skip nespresso and go straight for all chocolate all the time these days...

  3. Love Love Love!!! So inspired!

  4. ooh - Karen!! need your new addy to send an invite!!

  5. OMG....just clicked on the "yo gabba gabba" link and can we talk about this??? That guy in orange is TOTALLY on something!! He's CRAZY! amazing


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