Friday, June 19, 2009

drumroll please

because we felt the message was important, in addition
to new excitement over our outstanding gardening,
this year party guests will squeal in delight as they take
their very own vegetable head picture.

In other news on this busy day, our succulent fountain is
blooming quite nicely

And a shout out to this new fixture in my office..
give him love people, he has been waiting 30 years in
a dusty box for his blog debut.
Have a good weekend!!


  1. wooo hoo! i love you jester on a string!

  2. jester jester -- everyone loves a creepy clown --- I must say, the vegetables look amazing!

  3. nice yessi. you will be repaid handsomely for your enthusiasm.

  4. Pink-cheeked elfin child
    Bobs up and down with delight

  5. The veggie head picture board is super cool!

  6. I LOVE the photo board and can't wait for the bday pics! How did it go???? So sorry I missed it! Your succulent garden looks amazing. I need to see your office in person- it's going to make me green with envy. Seriously no pun intended.

  7. yayyy i figured out how to comment! im sending you pictures so one better make it onto the blog!


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