Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hello beautiful!

I have been on the Tord Boontje studio site for the last
hour and it is such an ornate, delicate dream.
I have seen the Boontje cute paper curtains at a few home
stores and they are lovely.. like giant hand cut paper
doilies. But, the studio site is full of other amazing products
and intricately cut mediums. Very inspiring.
The site needs some dreamy music to match the
beautiful blowing wind on the home page.
Be amazed..

Wool felt ground cover!(to, you know, run around in with
your tiered twirly skirt on)

I really need some of this in my life.
Buy yours at the MoMA store.


  1. Very pretty! How was your weekend????? You leave for HI soon right? Can't wait to see Ava pics in Hawaii!

  2. Super detailed - crazy. I like the wood on the wall!


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