Thursday, June 11, 2009

look of the week, new love

I am a creature of habit and compulsion. Generally, I wear the
same look or piece or jewelry continuously until I tire of it. 
Lately, my look has morphed into something similar to this
Madewell look above(minus the crisp blazer prep factor).
J Brand indigo stretch denim, sloppily 
rolled, strappy sandals, and slim basic tee or tank. 
Note the evolution from the legging to the stretch denim and
from the oversized tee to the basic fitted. Üge development. 
Same strappy sandals and giant Bohac lurex scarf (that
has been the subject of teasing for years, due to my 
obsessive daily wearing) apply. 

The new love I am referring to is my new Bjorns gramps 
sweater from Ambiguous. The cutest thing ever and the 
only high point to this gloomy weather. I look forward to 
wearing it obsessively in the Fall. 
So let's dress alike for the moment, again. 


  1. love love love! your blog keeps me inspired and reminds me why i love fashion!

  2. So so fun to actually see pics of you! And I want one of those sweaters. For real. I really want one. Have you seen the video on Joce's Hello Dolly blog? I laughed out loud- but I also know the area.

  3. i know. this sweater is exceptional. Sorry about the self pics. I have reached a new low, clearly. I hate brown flip flops!

  4. You Crack me up! I'm glad to keep up with you via blog! Keep it coming....


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