Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kicking it up

My dearest Sagey sent me some yummy
Show. Funny, when I first tagged this show for 
a runway presentation I put together last year, of course the 
scallops and amazing armor-like details were 
noteworthy, but I was obsessed with the 
fact that the collection was based around the movie
Planet of the Apes.  Giant ape faces
on tops followed by beautiful dresses, 
delicately scalloped like paper. Amazing
And though I am doing a disservice to the totally
killer elements of the collection, 
I can't help but focus on the Awesome true
orange color throughout the collection. 

Insert here - amazing collection of orange
baubles and photos found on flickr and 
other amazing design forward websites. 
I was just less impressed with images I found
of orange than the incredible  snippits
found in my own life. So, let's get out of this haze
induced by sleep deprivation and enjoy the color 
orange for the day. This is how I am seeing it..

xo sager!


  1. Orangefanstastic - our house is awesome. It is really coming together. The orange looks great. I love the crazy dress too.

  2. I remain totally envious of your orange chair.

  3. orange really is the best color.


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