Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Read this new blog post Paige did about THIS sweater
from the Split Girl photo shoot
over on her Vintage loving blog barefoot and vintage!!
I know some people always wonder about 
what inspires certain lines of clothing or pieces in the line. 
To start, I am obsessed with thick Granny sweaters. 
Likewise, I am in LOVE(capitals, again) with Cobalt, Navy, 
and Red... and America(kidding.) But, the America 
palette is so amazing to me. 
So, when I stumbled on this sweater in Paige's wonderful 
vintage shop... I was so happy. 
Perhaps everyone remembers it from THIS post??
So, don't let me design a line of clothing, because I will take this 
sweater and run with it!! Get yours in 2011 from Split Girl!
Anyhoot, visit Paige's shop and blog because she is darling and 
you may just find your own special new vintage clothing friend!
Too, you can find out the back story on our super FAMOUS sweater!
Thanks for the blog love Paige!!
(and for being so awesome!)


  1. aww, love that, blog buddieeees! the line looks amazing jaimee!

  2. Were you really born in the 50's in a former life?


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