Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Care package!

No, not for me. Luckily, my sister reads my blog once a month. 
So, by the time she sees this, she will probably have this 
stuff in her hot hands!
I am horribly late for my sister's bday. Hopefully, a fun crafty 
care package will excuse my tardiness. 
1.) My favoritest ric rac flocked stickers from Martha Stewart. duh!
2.) The most amazing 'nonsense' journal from Seltzer.
3.) Sad Face - Belated Birthday card from totally cool company Hello Lucky
4.) Vintage-like pastels.. why not?
5.)Yes to a do it yourself flocking kit from Martha Stewart!
6.) Second favoritest 3D butterfly stickers.. more Martha
A little Martha goes a long way in Europe. 
7.) The best!! label/sticker set from Sukie
8.) Hand carved stamps!
9.) Magical friendship bracelet from American Rag

I am pretty excited about this care package. It's a goodin. 
Mostly excited about my discovery of this rad journal
and the Seltzer goods
I'm in love. And, look at the rainbow-y goodness of 
all of their journals!!
All from Seltzer

And, I am loving these pastels. Kind of a fun treat!
All gussied up!
And now, some gratuitous kid pics of me and my sister. 
The gunny sac fashions!
Still unsure why my kid makes so many faces. hmmm. 


  1. huh. Pegged jeans don't look that funny anymore. do they.

  2. i totally pegged my pants on sunday!! yesss! and i think that care package covers a multitude of sins, no just tardiness!!

  3. Amazing package!!!!! And so amazing to see you yesterday! Can't wait for Ava's party!!!'


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