Friday, April 16, 2010

fancy stuff for mom!!

A friendly reminder of a fabulous 
embroidery/applique/craft class at U.C.S.D. next 
Saturday 4/24. 
We will be making fancy kitchen towels a la
Anthropologie.  Here are some samples made today...
excuse the extreme wrinkles - my poor iron pooped 
out before I could press!!
Sign up here, or email me if you are interested!!
(If you live in San Diego or you LOVE to drive.)
And, not to brag... but, feast your eyes on these
wonderful projects from the Valentines day class!!

Father/Son boxers by SweetB.
Tie by extreme overachiever Micha. 
The  main lesson here is be good to your mom. 


  1. FEASTING my eyes. cute cute pic of you and Aves!! sending this out to promote amongst friends..see you sat!

  2. ahh i Wish i could come! those are so cute! hope everything is going great for you guys, haven't talked to you in some time. miss you :(

  3. where do you buy all your cute fabric? i'm moving soon and would love to make curtains, pillows and kitchen towels! wish I could make it to SD this sat :( but unfortunately, I will just have to stalk your blog until you cough up the info! ;)

  4. there are many places!! i'll email ya!


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