Thursday, April 8, 2010

dirty secrets!

Well, not really a secret to anyone who knows me that I have a 'small'
problem throwing things away. It just so happens that I can see the 
simple beauty in just about anything and my house is full of nooks 
and crannies of small clusters and collections
(and so is my garage and closet).
And you know, despite the constant, daily badgering and mention of it
from all parties, I am still completely proud of the fact that 
I truly appreciate everything. 

Cue the mention of an amazing blog 'A Collection a Day'
from Artist Lisa Congdon, where she shows us one of her many 
collections each day, in part or in whole, real or imagined - imagined
she does in illustration. 
I love the word collector. It has such a positive connotation. 
I love how these photos make such simple subjects seem so interesting, 
truly glamorizing the collection of what some would call nonsense. 
Check out the entire collection..
pin cushions and prayer papers..
[All images from Lisa Congdon.]
So, I got to thinking about the collections that we have going in our 
household. My new nasty trick is Collecting in the name of my 
two year old daughter.. which, clearly leaves me blameless. 
Is anyone buying it? I didn't think so. 
Below, part of the vintage toy collection in the babe's room. 
And, Ava's already out of control snow globe collection. 
Girl's got a problem. 
Just to give you a small view into the genetics of a 'collector'..
Yes, collecting is definitely inherited. 
I was caught blushing at a few of Lisa Congdon's collections
as they remind me of some of my own. Well, some that were
started by family members that I still stand up for( to the bad people
threatening their safety in the garage. )
Match books from 'A Collection a Day'
My Grandfather's match books... these are amazing. 
My faves are the dozen or so match books from 1960's Las Vegas with 
Casino illustrations on them. 
Mini plastic animals from 'A Collection a Day'
Coffee cans full of 'small animals' and 'small planes and cars'
that used to reside in the downstairs closet... collected by my mom. 
There are some gems in here. 
I am going to start calling myself a collector. 
Collector has an amazing heart happy ring to it. 


  1. Your collections are awesome.

  2. Love it!! Wholeheartedly concur! let's celebrate the clutter! I, too, have matches, mini toys and snowglobe stashes... and yes, blame it on the kids!! 'jbird' collects pez... etc etc etc. the coffee can labels are so precious.

  3. I just saw a tv show on hoarding. As long as you're not a hoarder, it's all good although Ava will have a pile of stuff to go through some day. Haha


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