Thursday, April 15, 2010

new toys

eek! Because 'new toys' these days are paper goods
and plants...
some of yesterday's finds from the scrumptious Roger's
First, I was thrilled to find some succulents that I haven't 
met before.. the Lithops-Leslie or 'living rocks'. 
They are the cutest buttons. Can we talk about the site
gosucculent? Mind blowing. They ship any succulent. 
One of womanly obsessions is the green house. 
I have fancy dreams of having one, and fancier dreams of 
drinking champagne in its vicinity. 
This green house is miniature and a green house..
obsession worthy. 
And, it is for spoiling your baby seedlings!
From esschert design. Buy a petit one for only
10 bucks here!
And how wonderful are these tags...
scientific illustrations of a medley of anemone?
With glitter. 
from F.G. and co, who I was happy to find out are also 
the creators of the birthday crown and the
sweet wish ticket

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