Monday, April 26, 2010

glasses time

Oh how we love our plastic glasses. 
We wore them here (sans lenses), 
and constantly give them to all of our friends. 
Fresh glasses colors were at it this weekend...
the new white glasses were a hit in the 
two to forty five age range and really caused a stir
on the street corner(that may have come out wrong).
Anyways, there is a trunk show on Saturday and the glasses will be there! 
Exciting! Working on a tutorial for tomorrow! Dig deep!


  1. Yay! I too love the shades and wear them incessantly!

  2. yay! what's the tutorial? and where are my shades? and when are you coming up here?? misss yoouuuuu love youuuuuu.

  3. Where can you get these at a good price? I've got a friend who wants some for a wedding, about 200 people. Any ideas? Cute pic.

  4. Call me and Ill tell ya!
    Not sure about pricing... you can judge for yourself.
    The tutorial is coming!! busy week!! Don't worry - glasses for all!!

  5. so cute!!! I can't even take ava! I need to come down soon to see her before she forgets who I am...i guess i could see you too :)

  6. yes, you do!! just talked to your mom. want to hear all about what's goin on!

  7. laurel - glasses are from


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