Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy weekend!!

So this was me last night at the old roller rink. 
I was a glamazon in brown rental skates. 
(seriously, though, I was about 6'3").

Images from Preen, who did have some excellent custom spiked
skates available back in 2008. 
My history with Roller skates goes way back. In fact, just last week, 
before the So. Cal tornado water spout, I pulled these out of 
a box in my garage. It's amazing that my mom was willing to 
give these up. I do have a video of me trying them out, 
but blogs are about looking good. So, naturally, they will not be 
making an appearance. I leave you with a picture so your imagination
can run wild.. make sure you include wild swinging arms and 
an awkward scooting motion in your mental picture. 

Here is a video of me circa 1983 in the same skates but smaller.
This is my first video post, so let's hope it goes smoothly. 

On a side note, last night the two year old skated for the first time
and I wouldn't even allow her tush to hit the ground.
It would appear that my parents took the 'tough love' approach?
We did see some giant sized roller girls on the way out and 
their outfits were amazing. 

Embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching.  


  1. You know Heidi is all over roller derby right???

  2. OMG. that video is seriously crackin me up over here. HAAAA! you fell like 20 times?! i love that you kept looking down at your poor knee....awwwwwww!!!!! love it! some SERIOUS tough love goin on.

  3. oh yes Ame.. I know. that is awesome. I can see how that would be totally empowering. Maybe we should sign up next season? I think I may be too uncoordinated.
    What scares me most about the video is that my legs and skating form are both the same!

  4. oh tears right now. That video is AMAZING!! Thank you for that. Seriously

  5. Ha ha, loved the video! Love the embroidery too!


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