Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No promises

I love new year's resolutions.. they are so full of hope.
I have seen on a few craft blogs the resolution to
'make something every day.'
I think that is super sweet. Although, seeing that I
can't pull a blog post daily, making something daily might
be tricky.
My new year's resolution is to deal with the
giant pile of stuff that I have purchased from
thrift stores or stolen from my mom's attic with the
intention of fixing or taking in.
Today I started with a new item, given to me by
Sweetie for Christmas. It would appear that
Sweetie is fed up with my giant purse and it's contents.
He bought me this wee little purse from Grandma June.

I think he was going off my love for giant bows here.
Super cute, yet the handle fits my 2 year old perfectly.

A little morning sewing, using the same dimensions
of our earlier bag tutorial for the new strap
and voila! we have a new, adorable,
across body purse.

And how about this giant bow outfit?
kidding. This outfit will send me straight to

So, no great promises of doing anything in a timely
manner, but I will try to get through that pile,
one hot item at a time!


  1. Looks awesome sweetie - you make it vintage wonderful - tim gunn "make it work people"

  2. Love the new purse! And while in theory I like that resolution of the do something crafty daily- maybe I will be more realistic and try and do something crafty each month or something...

  3. friendy i LOVE the purse. well done sweetie :)

  4. that dress with the bow is adorable. where did you find it!

  5. The bow dress is old phillip lim 3.1 from Wasteland on Melrose.
    A good find.. and very short!


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